The Best Survival Kit

survival kitEmergency of any kind, man made or natural, can occur anytime even at your home, school or at your work place, without any pre-intimation, so you should be prepared for such situation every time. Whether you are caught in your home or you have to evacuate people involved in some emergency, you can not face the situation unless you are prepared for it. You may expect relief workers and local officials to help you in such condition but everyone can not be as lucky as you. So, the best option to save you and your loved ones in any emergency condition is having a survival kit ready with you all the time.

In any emergency condition in initial hours you should be able to ensure yourself and loved ones that they can survive. This can be possible only if you have a zombie survival kit ready with you at that time. Some survival kit ideas are provided here under to help you in choosing a right kit for you. The items needed in good kit should be easy and reliable to use safely.

Water and food

The two most important items that an emergency kit must have are water and food as they are crucial needed to ensure survival in any emergency condition. You should store the bottled water that can last for long time. You should avoid to store the foods that have limited shelf life. The food and water you arrange for your kit should be approved by US Coast Guards as they can last up to more than 5 years. The reliable items in your kit will not only ensure about your preparedness but also reduce your cost of maintenance of kit. You should check the manufacturing and expiration date on the package of the packs of water and food to ensure their reliability before storing them.

Means of communication and light

Though mobile phones are commonly used means of communication these days but still you should have Am/Fm Radio with extra batteries in your emergency kit to use them effectively in the areas where your mobile phone can not be used due to network failure. It will help you in getting the latest updates about your surrounding area at the time of emergency. You should also have a good quality flashlight in your kit that does not need frequent battery replacement. Flashlights containing LEDs and lithium batteries are considered to be the best option in this regard. You can also add 30 hour emergency candle in your kit as it can provide light up to 3 nights in emergency. A box of 50 waterproof matches can also be helpful source of light even in the worst condition. Multi-functional 5-in-1 survival whistles can be used for various tasks as they have signal mirror, a compass, waterproof container, lanyard and a flint starter.

Source of warmth and shelter

Your survival kit should also have some source of warmth to cover up the victim to maintain his body temperature in emergency condition. Some blankets or survival sleeping bag can be good options in this regard as they can maintain the heat of the body by covering it entirely. If you are trapped in your home or auto without any heat source then 16 Hour Body Warmer can be good option for you. You should also have a poncho with hood in your kit to keep your body dry and hot while helping other in emergency. In order to provide shelter in emergency a tube tent with rope should be added to your kit for emergency survival.

Tools and implements


A credit card knife can be a useful survival gear at the time of emergency as it can be used flexibly for many purposes. You should also add leather palm working gloves to your kit as they help in keeping your hands dry and safe while helping other in emergency. A dust mask in your kit can save your respiratory system by blocking the dust and dirt in the environment effectively. They also save you from the viruses of many diseases while rescuing others. A long rope can also prove to be a good tool in your kit as it can be used for various purpose at the time of emergency. You can use rope not only for drying clothes but for supporting traps or anchoring things also in such conditions.

First aid kit

A good survival kit must include a basic first aid kit with gauze pads, bandages, aspirin tablets, antibacterial ointment, antiseptic pads, pain relievers and other necessary things needed to care the wounds of the victims of any disaster.

Sanitation and hygiene kit

You must have toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes and soap in your hygiene kit to use in emergency as it is necessary to keep yourself clean and refresh even at this time. Waste bags and packs of tissue papers are also essential in your kit which can be used to dispose off human waste at such time. Your kit should be big enough to store some of your clothes, shoes, medications and a pair of eye glasses to make you comfortable even in emergency condition.

Though you can easily find a variety of survival kits on online as well as offline stores near you but while choosing for the best you should consider all the points discussed above. In order to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of all the items in your kit you should make sure that they are approved by the state or local authorities. Mostly the kit available online or offline are not perfectly complete in all manners. So, you can add or reduce the items in your kit as per your requirements to make it more useful for you. You should prepare your kit with a goal to be helpful for others in any type of disastrous condition. Before proceeding to any journey or on a survival mission you should check the survival kit checklist to ensure that it has all the things you may need in such situation.